Did you miss the sessions led by Valora Technologies experts at ARMA InfoCon 2020?

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AutoClassification 101
Presenter: Sandra Serkes, CEO, Valora Technologies
Description: AutoClassification technology isn’t new, but it’s still a bit misunderstood. What can it do? What can it NOT do? Or maybe you “get it” but don’t know where to start or how to apply it to your project or organization? This session is applicable to both the newbie and the seasoned IM professional and will explore the pillars of Information Governance and AutoClassification’s role in implementing a comprehensive enterprise-wide IG strategy.

Attendees will:

  • learn how AutoClassification applications operate in a perpetual evergreen approach to data management.
  • review the process and best practices for applying AutoClassification software within a project or organization.
  • see how businesses have successfully applied AutoClassification technologies in their data environments. See hands-on examples of AutoClassified ROT, records retention, personal data (data privacy), file naming and folder taxonomies
  • leave this session with the resources and next steps to apply these tools and technologies in their own organizations.


Formatting Forms & Call Recordings for Better Automation

Presenter: Sandra Serkes, CEO, Valora Technologies
Description: Many organizations are digitizing paper forms and transcriptions of audio calls for easy searching, records management, data privacy, and regulatory compliance purposes. But often the results are wrought with errors, usually because of the format of your source content. In this on-demand rapid fire session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of setting up for automation success when using textual and audio-to-text, and you’ll get examples of the right and wrong ways to digitize. You’ll learn small changes you can implement today that will result in big improvements.


How a Large International Company Got Its RIM House in Order

Sandra Serkes, CEO, Valora Technologies &
Bill Morey, Senior Manger for Global Records and Information Governance, Oracle Corporation
Description: This on-demand session tracks how Oracle got its content and records retention in order, even after dozens of acquisitions across the world, involving thousands of employees and hundreds of GB of data. How was it done? One step at a time. Come hear the story through the eyes of a strong customer-supplier partnership. You’ll learn how the company:

  • Broke a giant undertaking down into bite-sized, manageable pieces
  • Positioned the project to executive stakeholders and got executive buy-in for a pilot
  • Rallied internal departments and stakeholders needed to support the project
  • Intends to roll out the program across the rest of the organization

Records, IG, and Baseball Card Collecting: 3 Exercises in “Need It,” “Got It,” and “Ditch It”

Presenter: Steve Weissman, Sr. Project Manager & IG Expert, Valora Technologies
Description: Baseball cards are essentially data-filled files that for decades people have collected. For many, their value was determined through neighborhood games like flip, toss, and colors. Over time, such collections accrued damaged, unwanted, and duplicate cards. Game players had to decide which cards to keep and which to ditch – questions similar to those IM pros ask every day on the job.

This session describes how to apply these childhood skills to our professional lives. You will:

  • Learn the role and value of metadata extraction and auto-classification
  • Identify applications to apply these tools to
  • Gain insight into how to convince others to invest the time and money needed to succeed
  • Obtain general data reference points from real-world client projects