for Data Processors & Aggregators

Are you processing hundreds or thousands of documents and files each week? Looking to extract fielded data, contract clauses or forms information as a data processor or aggregator? Considering an automated solution to reduce the level of manual effort needed?

Attend this webinar to learn how AutoClassification can:

  • streamline data intake & processing from multiple sources and formats
  • identify and separate documents based on type, content and context
  • extract dozens of fielded data values for keywords, names, dates, clauses, locations and much, much more
  • identify and redact PII/PHI/PCI & other sensitive content
  • enable custom data analysis and collection
  • automate workflows and reporting

Ideal for:

  • Insurance/Reinsurance Claims Processing & Analysis Financial Services, Mortgage & Bankruptcy Processing
  • Legal Contracts Management, Breach Notification Providers and Class Action Settlement
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Clearinghouse Management including Clinical Trials, M&A and Divestiture
  • Privacy (GDPR/DSARs) and FOIA Fulfillment
  • Any Organization with a Captive or Outsourced Document Processing Center