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Session 1:
Fundamentals of AutoClassification
Attendees of this session will take away: a good understanding of what AutoClassification is and does, skills to help separate the hype from reality, a practical overview of corporate use cases for the technology, where it shines and where it needs support, tips on how to evaluate solutions and providers, including questions to ask and benchmarks to obtain, tools to build consensus, budget support and ROI, and building automated workflows for InfoGov, RIM and eDiscovery. 
Session 2:
Advanced AutoClassification
Building on the Fundamentals of AutoClassification for Information Governance from our January Immerse event, this advanced session dives deeper into this game-changing technology. Anyone who missed the earlier fundamentals, wants to learn more, is readying their organization to utilize advanced technologies, or who simply wants to keep up with new and better ways to manage information will benefit from this session. 
Session 3:
Automating Data Requests
Whether your role is information governance manager, discovery attorney, privacy or compliance manager, knowledge or records manager, the requests coming at you and your department are almost always the same: Find files ASAP that match given parameters (dates, topics, custodianship, document types), across multiple repositories, with as few resources as possible! Just like Information Governance is bringing together practitioners and best practices from across your organization, so too, are data requests unifying our requirements to be able to catalog, search and retrieve specific content on demand. In this session you will learn how to build an automated workflow that supports multiple and varying data requests from across your organization and your enterprise content. 
Session 4:
You Can Use Machine Learning to Solve Real-World Challenges in Information Governance
Attendees to this panel presentation will:
• Understand the basics of machine learning applied to records and information management
• Gain insight on how machine learning can be used to identify PII or other forms of sensitive or privileged content   
• Appreciate how machine learning techniques are providing vastly greater visibility into large digital corporate repositories   
• Learn about recent scholarship on applying machine learning to freedom of information act exemptions.