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This full-day MER IMMERSE EVENT was an in-depth examination of AutoClassification.

Learn what it is, how it is used, what business benefits it can generate, and most importantly, what it takes to implement this technology in your organization. The roster of speakers includes industry experts and experienced practitioners. At the end of the day, you will be well-prepared to bring this transformational technology to life in your company. 

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Session 1: AutoClassification Basics

Join one of the world’s foremost experts in AutoClassification for an in-depth look at this essential technology for understanding and tagging enterprise content.  You’ll learn everything from the basics of what AutoClassification is, to how it works, to the nuances and complexities of applications spanning electronic records, information governance, knowledge management, eDiscovery, data privacy and more.  

Speaker: Sandra Serkes, President and CEO Valora Technologies


Session 2: Implementing AutoClassification: Getting Started 

This session takes the academic overview into practice, covering what it’s like to actually implement an AutoClassification solution in a large organization.  Learn the key topics to consider and how to evaluate solutions, within the inevitable trade-offs between performance, time and cost.  Understand the critical steps in implementation and what to expect at each stage, including gotchas and lessons learned from experienced practitioners.  Finally, learn how to build buy-in and ROI in your organization to ensure your implementation’s success.  

Panelists: Sandra Serkes, President and CEO Valora Technologies and Eric Derk, Managing Partner of Ernst & Young


Session 3: Live Case Study: AutoClassification in Action

This talented team of experts will embody the typical roles and perspectives of the key players in an AutoClassification implementation.  Each will bring their own experience to bear, as well as the key objectives and concerns of the job function they are representing.  This real-world case study is meant to convey the typical opinions, challenges, goals and rewards of the core team of AutoClassification constituents.  See how the case study feels from each point of view and where they connect/disconnect on the issues.  How do we solve these issues and get over roadblocks?  Who is aligned with whom?  When and how do those alignments evolve?  What does success look like?  

Moderator: Jason R. Baron, Esq., Professor of the Practice/University of Maryland College of Information Studies.  

Panelists: Jennifer Javier (Oracle), Rich Lauwers (AODocs), Antigone Peyton (Ridgeline International) , Sandra Serkes (Valora Technologies)